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We offer a wide variety of healing modalities to best suit our clients' needs. Read more below then click the link you're ready to schedule. Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out- we love to connect with you!


Acupuncture:  This treatment involves the use of very fine needles that are inserted in the body at specific points. This process is believed to adjust and alter the body’s fascial alignment and nervous system into healthier patterns, and is used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and health conditions.

Acupuncture in Lexington Yintang

Cosmetic Acupuncture: 

Cosmetic acupuncture has increased in demand over recent years because it is much less invasive than other treatments available to maintain a youthful appearance. It also has fewer side effects than other popular options! 


The goal of cosmetic acupuncture is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, plump skin, and return the skin to a smoother consistency by encouraging the skin to heal from the inside out. It accomplishes this by increasing collagen production and forcing the skin to produce more subcutaneous hyaluronic acid leading to a more plump appearance that lasts far beyond the insertion of the needles. Subtle results are often seen after as few as three treatments.


The course of treatment is a minimum of 10 weekly visits which last approximately 30 minutes after which the skin will appear brighter, tighter, and smoother. Courses of treatment may be repeated as needed on an annual or biannual basis depending on individual needs. 

Orthopedic Acupuncture: 

Using simplified and precise orthopedic testing, we identify which muscle(s) may not be functioning properly and contributing to acute or chronic pain. These muscles are then stimulated using a newer technique called motor point acupuncture, which restores proper function to the entire region of the body. This treatment has been shown to be effective for a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, sports injuries, and even infertility. We also offer dry needling, or trigger point release, for relief from tight muscles.

Acupuncture in Lexington Yintang
Fire Cupping Lexington
Fire Cupping for Back Pain

Cupping: A technique in which rounded glass cups are warmed and applied to an individual’s bare skin to treat local musculoskeletal dysfunction or blood stagnation. Once the cup is warmed, the oxygen in the cup is eliminated so that a vacuum is created; this holds the cup to the skin, and encourages the flow of blood to the area beneath the cup.  The vacuum also allows the release of toxins through the skin.  Particularly useful for localized pain, insomnia, cellulite reduction and some emotional conditions.  Some bruising is possible and indicates that toxins have been pulled out of the area.

Chinese Herbal Therapy: A customized formula may be used in addition to acupuncture. Formulas are available as liquid tinctures, teas, or pills.

Chinese Pediatric Herbal Formulas
Jacqui performing gua sha for knee pan

Gua Sha: Involves gentle scraping of the skin to remove stagnation that hinders immune function.  Also decreases inflammation and improves blood flow to treatment area. Excellent for pain, stiffness, lung conditions, hepatitis, and nausea.

Reiki:  Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that has been passed down from Reiki masters for millennia. By quieting the mind, allowing one to better connect with their spirit, and removing any blockages to the flow of universal energy, reiki sessions can help with a wide variety of physical, spiritual, and emotional imbalances.


Other Modalities Include:

  • Moxibustion

  • Dietary Therapy

  • Auricular Therapy

  • Scalp Acupuncture

  • Acupressure

  • Electro-acupuncture

  • "The Buzzer" for pediatrics

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